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1. Pocoso Server overview and requirements

Here is an overview of a typical Pocoso setup for one competition area

The Pocoso Server application has the following requirements

  • 1 Laptop running on Windows, Linux or Mac OS

  • Java 1.6 or higher installed on Laptop (see for more information)

  • An archiver tool that can deal with 7zip archives (or download the open source software here

  • Google Chrome or Chromium must be installed and set as standard browser on your laptop. Pocoso is optimized for this browser at the moment. We will add more browsers in the future.

  • The laptop that is running Pocoso server must be connected to a Wifi router (LAN cable connection recommended).

R1 - J4

  • In the above example R1 - J4 are using Android tablets to run the Pocoso app. 
  • All tablets are connected to the same Wifi Router as the Pocoso Server. 
  • When the Pocoso app is started it connects to the Pocoso server and the scoring for one or more Poomsae competitions can be started.