Here you can download the latest version 4.0 of Pocoso Server:

The Android app for Pocoso can be found in the Google Play Store:

Software requirements for Pocoso Server:
  • Java 1.7 or higher must be installed on your computer. 
  • Your default browser must be one that is based on a WebKit rendering engine (eg Google Chrome or Safari).
  • To be able to extract the Pocoso Server you will need a software like 7-Zip. More details can be found on the corresponding web presence:
  • Supported operating systems are Mac OS X, Linux and Windows (XP or higher). Basically every operating system where Java is installable.
Minimum hardware requirements:
  • 1 Wifi router
  • 1 Laptop that is connected to the Wifi router (where Pocoso Server is running)
  • 1 or more devices (Laptop or Android device) that are connected to your network
Important Note: 
This application is partially still under construction. You might find a few administrative functions that are not finished yet. You might also still run into occasional bugs. Basic scoring mechanism is already heavy tested and is the most stable part. Use at your own risk.